Sunday, February 15, 2009

Don't you hate it when you have to.....

Dig and dig around in your purse to find your keys?? Well I have a solution for that.

Wristlet key fobs are a stylish way to carry your keys.

They make great gifts for teenagers, teachers, teachers aid, your hairstylist, secretary's, Mom's, sisters and friends.

They can be easily worn on your wrist or carry comfortable in your hand. Toss it into your everyday bag. Easy to spot in your bag, so no more digging around to find your keys.

Long Lasting ~I created this key fob in a heavy duty cotton webbing with a high quality ribbon. The ribbon has been heat bonded and top stitched for long lasting use.Size ~Fobs are 1.25" wide and approximately 6" long with a heavy duty nickel hardware and a spilt ring for keys. You can find it HERE.


i love plum said...

yes, i hate that! love your key fobs!!! gonna go visit your shop! xo