Friday, February 6, 2009

It went from plain to darn cute......

So I had this red hand towel that I like to put out in February (for Valentine's) and in the month of December (for Christmas). It was just plain red....... I wanted to add a little something to it. I wanted it to be cute....ok?

So in about 20 minutes later I had it looking too cute!!!

I love polka dots and I had this cute red ribbon with white dots in my ribbon basket and I got excited when I saw it in there, I knew right away what I was going to do with it......!
*(I don't know why, but in this pic my wall looks yellow, it's not, it's a sandy color tan, like the first picture!)*

I love the way it turned out so I am going to share the way I did it.....just in case you want cute hand towels too.
Step 1: Supply list
1 hand towel
heat bond (you can find this at walmart or Joann's)
sewing machine and matching thread (if you don't sew I will add how you can do it at the end)

Step 2:
Wash your towel and dry it first. Then lay ribbon across the towel (where you want the ribbon to be) to see what length you will need. I went a little longer than the towel.

Step 3:
Take your heat bond and iron it to the back of the ribbon. Let it cool and then peel off the paper backing, it will leave the sticky glue on the ribbon. **I used the head bond that was smaller than my ribbon because I am also sewing the ribbon and I didn't want any glue at the edges where I am sewing, so my needle will not get sticky. If your heat bond tape is wider than the ribbon just cut it down on the sides.**

Step 4:
Turn ribbon right side up and place where you want it to go and iron it down. **I didn't iron the ends down b/c I am sticking them under the edges of the towel like in step 5.**
I took my seam ripper and open the little folded over edge (just enough to fit my ribbon ends into) open and stuck my ends into it and folded it back closed.

Step 6:
Stitch the ribbon down both sides, once getting to the end of one side, stitch down the folded over part to close up the opening.

Step 7:
Cut all strings and go hand up and step back and admire your cute hand towel.
It's SO easy and fast too!!
****Okay if you don't have a sewing machine, well you can still have cute towels.****
First cut ribbon so you have a 1inch extra on each side of the towel. (Basically 2 inches longer that the towel, you will want 1 inch on each side to fold over). NOW take a lighter or match and heat seal the ends. To do that just light the lighter and hold the end of the ribbon across the flame, it will melt the ends of ribbon. BE CAREFUL!!!!

This picture shows how to heat seal the ribbon ends.
You add the heat bond to the back of the whole ribbon. (If your ribbon is wider than the heat bond tape, just cut an extra piece of HB tape to fill in) Let cool and then peel off paper backing.
Place ribbon right side up, leaving a 1 inch on each side, and iron down. Let cool, and then turn over and iron the 1 inch on each side down to the back of the towel. Let cool , then hang it up to look at and it's ready to be used.
I hope you get the chance to make some!!!! If you do I would love to see pictures of them and let me know if you have any questions about this tutorial.....!


beachbunnydesigns said...

Ahh I cannot wait for my sewing machine to be fixed! I have so many things that I want to make for the baby and my apartment! Towels like these are on my list :D

rileyjoejantzen said...
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Estela said...

That deleted comment is from me! Sorry! I was under rileys blogger! Anyways, what I said was...
Look at that cuteness!
Looks awesome

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

how adorable! great tutorial, thanks!

fly tie said...

way to spruce it up! just that little touch made a big different.

the famous nemo said...

that did come out very cute, good job

Tins and Treasures said...

Oh, that is really cute!! Maybe for spring we can do some yellows and greens!
Thank you so much for the blog award. It really made my day!! I'll write a post very soon. Have a Happy Saturday, Natalie

Michelle said...

It is darn cute! Good job!