Monday, February 9, 2009

Slow Start

I am having one of those's starting off slow. So this morning I decided to go even slower. Yes, I decided to take my time at breakfast. I wonder if I am the only one that scuffs down breakfast without even knowing what it taste like, just so I can get the day started. If I don't then it seems I don't really get a lot done.

It was nice to slow down, taste the bagel, and not to worry about my "to do" list.

Right now I am loving plain bagels with Strawberry cream cheese. While eating I looked through my favorite sewing book. Anna Maria Horner has a wonderful new book called Seams to Me. It's all about sewing and has projects to do too!

I just LOVE this pillow. So Spring like, and I am so ready for Spring. Bring on the warmer weather. I hope to make some cute pillows for my living room.
I think it's so fun to create with fabric. I like the way Anna Maria Horner used frames, fabric and buttons to add style to decor. Too cute!
I need an apron.....I make a mess when I cook. I like this one!
Well, I am at the end of the book, the bagel is almost gone, and the coffee needs a refill. I guess it's time to speed it up and get that laundry washing, dishes loaded into the dishwasher and make my way into my workroom and turn on the sewing machine.
Have a great day!!!


BookWormz said...

what an adorable post! I loved spending the morning with you! ;)

Rachel said...

hey, at least you EAT breakfast which is more than most people do! but i'm glad you got to relax & enjoy your morning :) especially a monday morning

Freshly Found said...

It's a good thing to take a bagel break! What a good idea to share it with us!

Chrisy said...

What a lovely way to start the day...tres must do this every day...

fly tie said...

yeah, i find myself speeding through things as well sometimes. it's always nice to slow it down and just be where ever you are.

i love the title of that book.."seams to me"...adorable.

cute post. :-)