Thursday, October 30, 2008


I have a few odds-n-ends to show you.

First I wanted to say that my Fall quilt is DONE! I am happy with it, with it being my first quilt ever I do like it and hope to do one for Christmas too. The whole family has taken turns wrapping up with it while watching TV.
Shelby has decided to grow her feet longer :-) more girl sizes ,she is now walking in 7 - 7.5 size in women's. I can't believe it. I told her I can't wait until she is wearing my size 8.5 then we can share shoes....she wasn't as excited about that as I was! Oh well. After walking around 12 stores she finally found something she liked. They are cute and furry. (we had to go to 12 different stores because girl sizes didn't go past a 6 and all women shoes where to pointy, or high heel boots, or sky high in price.) We found these on sale for $25. Now I have to get her some tennis shoes...................!
I have some great key fobs in my SHOP! They make great teacher gifts too.
Have a great Thursday......this week has flown by.


Michelle said...

she'll change her mind about sharing your shoes!! :)

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

those key fobs are adorable!

MonikaRose said...

G'day, great and beautiful quilt, love the color combination. Wish I had sewing machine. I have not quilted yet, but I like the quilt squares in shops, there are some great color combos, i use them for lining some creations i make and found bamboo quilt. I have incling to do a quilt but no machine. Yours is great for first time around. Have a great day and visit me @ and here
Cya MonikaROse :)


That quilt is just superb!! The colours are beautiful, could do with snuggling up in one in chilly Aberdeen today :0)

moxylyn said...

I'm loving that quilt! It has been so chilly here the past few days.

fly tie said...

i like her entire look in that picture. so chic. :-D

i need a quilt, cause it's getting way too cold here. i remember one my mom had when i was growing up. just like your family, i can recall being wrapped up in it while watching the tube.