Friday, November 7, 2008

What......Watermelon in November?

Over the summer we had bought watermelon to eat. After eating it, my husband tossed out the seeds and uneaten watermelon. Well, it wasn't long until we had tiny watermelons sprouting at the edge of the field. Since it's getting cold my hubby decided to pick them anyway because they wouldn't do much once it was so cold. They were little and cute. The first one was really good to eat. The other two were light pink and not ready. Atleast we got one that was good.

And I have a bird feeder and feed the birds with sunflower seeds. Can you believe I have tiny sunflowers growing under it.....? It's November. They are little and cute too. I took a picture of them, even with frost on them. It's finally getting cold here.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


MSM said...

And I've TRIED to grow both of these things, with dismal failure...

I'll be thinking about you next spring - - you and your 'accidental' fruits and flowers!!!

: )

Cindy said...

Great pics and wonderful water. You enjoy your weekend! :)

~Marie~ said...

I've grown pumpkins before... the vine took over the yard! But it was fun.

We also have a strawberry plant, and wouldn't you believe it, it's still blooming and producing strawberries.

Rick said...

It's rare that my wife plants sunflower seeds ... she might try a hybrid or two, but most that bloom all over our little acre are planted by the birds!


fly tie said...

so, i'm making a note that if i want to grow something and have it survive longer than a day or two then the key might be to be unintentional about it.

that's wonderful. thanks for sharing.