Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where am I?

Surely I am not in my house!! It's clean. Since Saturday I have had the flu. I have done nothing but lay in bed or on the couch. Today is Tuesday and I am feeling a little better, I just have this yucky cough and I still get tired and have to rest.

I have to send much love and thanks to my husband and daughter. They got all the Christmas decorations down and packed up for next year. That was a big help. Now my house looks empty.......but clean!! Thanks guys!
My daughter is out of school this week, I want to spend time with her but having this flu sickness hasn't helped. I don't want her to get it, at least she has had the flu shot so we will see if it works. :0)
We did watch a few movies together, and hopefully we can get a few board games in at the end of the week. I love game night!! She has been having fun playing with her new Laptop that she got for Christmas. She also got lots of clothes so she has been modeling them and coming up with new outfits by mixing and matching......

Have a great day! I gotta go get the Lysol to spray the keyboard off now....no spreading germs!!


GwynnsGifts said...

I do hope you feel better. How nice it must be not to have to worry about the decorations. That is the only part I dread about the holidays. Cleaning it up
Happy New Year

~Marie~ said...

Aww, I hope you feel better soon.

Happy New Year!

moxylyn said...

Oh no I hope you're getting plenty of rest! Feel better soon.

fly tie said...

awww. i know i'm late, and you're likely over it, but i'm sorry you had to deal with the yuckiness. it's such a crappy feeling.

(so funny that my word verification code is "rest" with an ;e' added to the end)