Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good Bye Hanna, Lots of Water, and One Mean Look

Very HAPPY to report that Tropical Storm Hanna was not that bad. We had lots of rain, and heavy winds but no damage. I am glad to say Hanna has left .....

First thing in the morning my husband and daughter were ready to hit the outside. My husband has said many times if it wasn't for me and our daughter he would love to be a storm chaser. I believe him too...he loves watching storm chasers on You tube. My daughter, I think, would love to be one too...she loves all the excitement. SO...out they went, walked to the river behind our house, it was about to over flow. It has been almost dry this summer and you could see the bottom but not today.

Another photo of the river

This photo is going down the path, the sides were full of water.

OKAY....this is were the ONE MEAN LOOK happens. When I saw this photo I about flipped. My husband knows all to well how I feel about water and snakes. I DON'T like snakes and I know they are out there. So he let our daughter get into the water for this photo. I just looked at him and said "You know there could be snakes in that water" He smiled and said "Yes honey, but I walked through it before I let her get in it!" Whatever!!

Anyway the sun is out now and the skies are blue with white clouds...just the way I like it.
(**My thoughts and prayers are with the ones in Hurricane Ike's path....he sounds mean**)


sherry said...

All that water is headed our way. In fact my husband, son and the dog are romping in the rain right now!

I think figs would grow well where you live!

Tins and Treasures said...

That's alot of water sitting around!

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fly tie said...

i really like that first pic. reminds me of my days growing up back home.

glad everything turned out alright with the storm.

glorybe1024 said...

I am glad that Hannah has left the building! Ike is sounding like a nasty one!