Monday, October 20, 2008

Zoo Trip **Part One**

I am breaking up our zoo trip into parts. There are a lot of animal pictures I want to show and it would be easier to do it in parts.

We had a fun day. The weather was a little chilly at first but warmed up after we got walking around. We did a lot of walking too!! It's a little over 2 miles of walking. My legs were sore the next day.

Here are a few pictures taken:
Here is the entrance sign. WELCOME

When we first got into the gates, we started walking to the Cypress Swamp. Here you will find Alligators, cougars, waterfowl and some turtles.

One of many Alligators. He was the biggest one.

Shelby (my daughter) and Casey looking for the alligators.

These little ducks (waterfowl) were very pretty.

My favorite part......BIG CATS!! Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved big cats. I use to dream of working with them, but that never happened.

Isn't it a beauty??

After that, the path went to the Kid Zone. There was a maze you walk through, a butter fly trail....didn't see any though, and a Mud Pie Kitchen and the Wall Of Art.

Casey and Shelby trying to catch bubbles from a bubble machine.

Shelby and Casey drawing on the Wall of Art. They had large pieces of chalk to use, then you took a paint brush dip it in water and clean the wall. They really like that.

Even hubby got into it.

Making fun of the girls........LOL

Here's the Mud Pie Kitchen

And I thought my kitchen looked bad................!

I thought this was cute.....cast iron people helping each other up.

MORE pictures tomorrow. I took a lot so there is many more.
Have a great Monday.


Kate said...

i love zoos! so fun.

glorybe1024 said...

What a lovely zoo! What city is it in? I have a niece in Ashville.

Amanda said...

Awesome picture of the alligator!! it looks like a dinosaur!!!!

Stacey said...

I love the zoo! Great way to spend a day!

MSM said...

That it such a cool zoo! A bubble machine, art wall, the mud pie kitchen - - we'd never leave!! : )