Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Zoo Trip **Part Three**

Are you sick of seeing zoo pictures yet???

I have more...LOL.
( I think I will have a whole week of zoo post by the time I am done......)

So, today we are going to visit the Sonora Desert and see other animals.
We saw two black bears.

Here are some Elk....normally they are way back in the field, but today they were closer.
We even got to see the bison up close too.

Here's a sweet Grizzly Bear....he was eating something so he wouldn't look up.
Here's a Red Wolf. There was a bigger one but it stayed behind a big rock....guess it was shy.
Here is the Sonora Desert. Isn't it a pretty building. It had large plants and cactus all around.
Look at those cactus.....I would hate to fall on them. OUCH!
Such a pretty place.
Inside you will find roadrunners, ocelots, reptiles, and bats.
I think this was a roadrunner.
Some birds in there too.
Another bird.
A sleeping big cat....look at those feet...I just want to tickle them.
This is the only snake I will post....because it's not real. I don't want to scare any of my readers away.....
Time for a rest!!! I think I posted it was 2 miles in my first Zoo was 5 miles! It's a very big Zoo.
Tomorrow I will be posting about the Forest Aviary,lunch and a Carousel. Then on Friday I will finish with pictures of Zebras, Gorillas, and Giraffes.
Have a great day!!


Live.Love.Eat said...

Hi there. Thank you for the blogby!!!!!! Great pics. I love the zoo. This reminds me I have to get the small zoo around here now that it's getting cooler.

~Marie~ said...

Great pics... I love the zoo!!! Keep em coming!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Thank you for sharing your fantastic photos, really enjoyed them:)

gerriward said...

What a fun zoo! You're pictures capture the true spirit of the animals. Great!

Cindy said...

You have some really good pics. That sign sure was funny. I watch for more pics. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

moxylyn said...

The Bison is very cool! I'm not scared of snakes.. we use to breed them. We had 45 at one time.

The Blonde Duck said...

That looks like so much fun!