Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reading can be fun!

From the time my daughter was born we would read to her every night. I am thankful that she loves to read now. So I decided to make a few fabric bookmarks for my Etsy shop. Team them up with a book and give as a gift, they make great stocking stuffer, or just give as a thank you gift to your little one when they do something nice.
(I also still have some pocket pouches, key fobs and bookmarks that are perfect to stick in the stocking!)


glorybe1024 said...

You are crazy wicked talented!!! How did you make them??? I am trying to make all my Christmas gifts this year. I have tons of supplies. I have gotten a few things on Etsy. I wish I could buy more!!

moxylyn said...

I like em! Are those ribbons on the top?