Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I can't believe it snowed here in NC. We normally just have flurries. This time it snows about 4-6 inches.....I know, it's not a lot but when you don't get snow you will get excited over the least bit.

I wanted to share some photos of our fun and COLD day!

Hubby doing his "snow dance"

Snow ball fights are fun.
Keeping the girl warm. I just love this pic.

Us....I think the cold is getting to Hubby, he is looking crazy! :-)

Our Rosie Girl loved the snow.....our two cats DID NOT! They wouldn't come out of the barn.

The wind was blowing and was so cold.....

Walking to the river behind our house.

The path to the river. We saw one deer run out in front of us, he was to fast to get a photo of....I tried.

It was so pretty walking in the was like a winter wonderland!
Making snow angels.
more snow angles

It was beautiful at the river.
Isn't it peaceful.....
Guess who was tired on the way back?? It was a long walk in the snow.
Now I must go get some warm coffee and relax.


~Marie~ said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos! Here in Maryland we haven't had any snow yet, just cold temps. Hopefully we get a little before the winter is done.

moxylyn said...

These pictures are all absolutely wonderful!! The water, the path, you guys having fun... they are all great!! I was hoping for snow and we just got a dusting. It didn't even stick to the ground.

Estela said...

Oh I'm so jealous! I want it to snow here so bad! Fun pictures!

JW said...

and where is YOUR snow angel??? Somewhere there is a picture of another precious little girl in the snow...a very little's a picture of you, Teresa, and me...I was 16 at the do the math!

Outdoors said...

Very cute pics. I am glad to see you enjoying in the snow. Keep smiling.


Celina said...

Awesome! I am so homesick for NC now!!! Enjoy the snow and thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

Walk in the Woods said...

Great pics and I love your excitement! Living in southern New England I don't get quite so excited ... but I do honor the beauty of the stuff ... and your post reminded me of my snow-response-of-long-ago when I was growing up in southern Delaware!

Thanks for the smile!

Cindy said...

wOW GREAT Pics! Looks like you had fun in the cold. I love the picture with you 3, by the river and through the woods. Oh, now I'm singing.

Sarah McBride said...

we only got 1-2 inches here in Charlotte and we had FUN outside.
It is nice to get snow every now and then.